Kirby Scrap Metal Recycling

5832 Kirby Rd #1362, Clinton, MD 20735

(301) 297-5420

What metals do you take?

Kirby Metal Recycling accepts a wide variety of metals! Please visit the What We Buy page for a comprehensive list of all metals!

What do we do?

Kirby Metal Recycling is dedicated to recycling. As most have told us, the Earth only has a finite number of resources. Our organization is motivated in ensuring that we are able to maintain a closed loop to ensure that we never reach a point when a material can no longer exist.


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Learn About Us?

Who is Kirby Metal Recycling? What is their reputation in the industry? How do their clients think of them? Have your questions answered on our About Us page. We have been in the industry in a long time. Although expansion is on our list, we keep customer satisfaction first.

What services does Kirby Metal Recycling provide?

We provide all metal recycling services. Whether you’re coming off to drop a computer or whether you are a demolition company needing a place to drop off all your recycled goods, Kirby Metal Recycling is there for you. To learn more about these services visit our Services page!